I merged Sown Brooklyn and Knitology today.

All new content will be there.

I will likely delete this blog, or at the very least most of the posts. Unless I can figure out how to redirect one to the other…I apologize for any broken links that may result. I will leave the most popular posts (the Felicity related ones) and the pattern available here.

I hope you change your subscription and follow me there ;o)




That’s how I’m feeling today. We, my family and I, are on the verge of moving house. Back to my old neighborhood (potentially, there are details to work out) to someplace that has more space (this part is certain). My life has taken many turns this year, one quite upsetting and serious, and I find that I am still reeling.

I started a new blog with the best of intentions. All business minded and gung ho like I sometimes get. I wanted someplace separate from this blog, a space without so much personal dialogue and, well, introspection. But, I am questioning that decision now. In viewing some of my old blog posts, particularly the ones about my children, I was sad to think of all the missed opportunities to document my life this year. The difficulties and the little joys made big for want of something to celebrate.

I’ve been through doctors visits trying to pinpoint the source of bad feelings and migraines and stomach pains and so on. I have had surgery and suffered a huge rift between myself and my extended family. A rift that I hope time will heal, though I am not optimistic. I have been so sad lately. And angry. Today, I was suddenly struck with an awful thought: This is how my children will remember me. With headaches and mood swings and sadness. I don’t want my children to view me this way. I don’t want this mom to be too memorable in their flashbacks on childhood. I know too well how bad childhood memories fester and become worse not better with the passage of time.

I want them to remember a mom that did things and made things (this they will already remember) and looked happy more than she looked sad. And I don’t want to have to fake it. You know? I want to REALLY feel that way. More often than not. Not like I have for the last Five months. On the eve of October, my birth month, I hope that I make good on my hope for change.

I am thinking merging the posts from this blog to the other and shutting it down before too many more meaningful links are made there. A lack of introspection and personal and happy and painful memories are overrated. I want to have them all, and more, in the one place.

Doll pattern is a go!!

Hey everyone! The Affro Girl pattern is now for sale! You can buy her at: 

Ebony Butterfly

New Free Pattern

I was contacted recently by the lovely Canary Sanctuary of Canary Knits about being featured on her blog. Imagine my surprise and delight! Of course I readily agreed. As I took a peak at the other indie designers she featured I started to feel a little out of place. Those ladies kick serious design ass. I wanted to kick ass too :)

So, to get started on my ass kickin’ mission I’m releasing another freebie, the Oops! Hat pattern.

Oops Earflap Hat



I can’t wait to see if anyone knits one up! 

Well, back to work :)

Felicity 100

The Felicity hat has reached a Ravelry milestone, 100 projects! Who knows how many more are out there. 

You can check them out here if you’re on Rav. Many of them are on Flickr as well. Maybe they need their own group?

Felicity Hat

I never expected the warm reception the pattern received and the lovely comments and notes that many of the knitters have sent. Thanks a bunch :)


I really (I mean really, really) loved Felicity when it came on TV. I had heard about the show and was in need of a new escape. I would watch it and dream about starting college and being on my own. I thought Keri Russell was the bestest and liked that she had a pretty simple style like me, well Felicity did anyway.

When I saw Ms. Russell in “The” hat that everyone was talking about I liked it, a lot. I waited for those geniuses over at craftster to figure it out so I could make one. I never would have tried to make it on my own at the time. I sort of forgot about it ’till recently and stalked the craftster archives until I found the old thread, only no one had figured it out. Damn.

Now I am more confident to try my hand at things. So over the last week I did.
Felicity HatFelicity

Click the pic above for the pattern!!

Felicity Hat

Felicity Hat

Blog Re-entry & pattern

I have tried on several occasions to make neckwarmers from patterns online with no success. I have some kinda block or something. So I just winged it.
Razor Shell Neckwarmer

Razor Shell Lace, CU
Formula masquerading as a pattern:
More photos here


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